The interview started a good half hour ago and you have been talking ever since. You’ve gone through your strengths and weaknesses, your previous positions and why you would be suitable for this one.

You can sense that the interview is drawing to an end – what now?

This is where you get to “close the deal.” By this point in the interview, you both have had an opportunity to sense whether or not this is a match, given the dialogue and based upon the questions above. It is at this point in the interview where they may share their concerns, or they will tell you that you are a solid candidate.

If they share any concerns, it gives you an opportunity that you may not have had otherwise to address these concerns with them, and put their mind at rest regarding your capabilities. It’s important that you carefully craft your replies to include examples of your success in previous roles.

A good response will include a previous “Problem / Action / Result” that you may have experienced professionally in any of your recent positions. Tying your past experience to the current expectations will prove beneficial in highlighting your skills and capabilities. Keep in mind that the hiring manager’s answers to these questions will also reflect their individual degree of integrity. If they begin to talk poorly of the person that is no longer in this role or of the company as an enterprise, then you have a pretty good idea of what type of boss this person may be as they manage you and your tasks.

Of course, you will need to add your own flavor to these questions based upon your gut instinct, but, if asked properly, these questions may make the difference in receiving an invitation for another round of meetings.

Good luck and go get’em!