The job market has yet to see some relief. The number of unemployed in US is in millions and that number isn’t going to fall anytime soon. Banks are not very keen on giving out loans to small businesses and the stimulus money doesn’t seem to be creating too many jobs either. We are at the verge of saying goodbye to yet another year and the economy still isn’t where we thought it would be. So who do we blame? The government of course. However, the government does provide unemployment benefit to those that are unemployed. Now there is another problem, we aren’t working but we are collecting money which is not enough. Who do we blame? Once again, the government.

Be Glad You Live In a Weak Yet Healthy Economy

There are many developing countries where people get fired and are left alone. If you don’t have work, you are done. The government won’t pay you unemployment benefit because they simply don’t have the money to do so. You lose your job and you are out of luck.

Whether you survive on bread and water or sleep on a park bench, that’s your call and that’s your fate. The government in developing countries mostly doesn’t step in because as I pointed out earlier, there is no money to support the unemployed.

So there, first reason not to blame the government cause at least it seems like they are trying. Have you been unemployed but still getting a check? Well, then don’t whine about it. Of course you earned that benefit but so did the people who lost jobs in developing countries.

A Bit About My Neighbor

My neighbor is a truck driver. The last time I talked to him he said he had been working a week straight and was looking forward to a $3,000 a week check. That’s a healthy amount for a week’s worth of work. He usually starts his work in May and gets done at the end of November. So basically, he works seven months out of twelve pulling close to $12,000 on a good month. I am sure there are some months where he pulls way less. But as far as I know he pulls in around $3,000 a week when things are good. So what does he do from December to April? Absolutely nothing.

He told me he saves enough (it’s just him and his wife) to get things going and for extra he receives his unemployment check. Ohh yeah, blame it on the government since they shouldn’t be sending him checks. But, he is unemployed during that period and he is entitled to that benefit, right? Wrong.

The guy works seven months and takes five months off. Those five months sometimes I see him out in the porch and at times he packs his dog and goes on a trip. Life is good for him. He makes good money, becomes unemployed when snow starts hitting the ground so he doesn’t have to drive, but still makes money Liburan. And remember, he is making a good amount when he is employed so his unemployment check I am sure is pretty healthy. And when money starts to run dry he goes back and gets hired. I am not sure if he has an arrangement of that sort with the company or what the deal is, but the economy didn’t take a nose dive because just the government failed.We are equally responsible. People like my neighbor are responsible to throw so much at the government that there isn’t enough to revive the economy.

I think there are too many people who are so self centered that they are willing to take bread from someone else’s mouth. It’s because of people like Doug(let’s call him that), there are millions others who are trying hard have given up. Next time you point your finger at the government, make sure the rest aren’t pointing towards you. Don’t just blame it on the government, we are equally responsible for it.

What’s The Solution?

The government certainly has miscalculated a few things, but millions of people like my neighbor don’t make it any better. It’s because of them a single mother who is working two full time jobs can’t feed her kids. It’s because of people like them the government can’t take care of everything the way it should. There are loopholes in the system that needs to be patched. But the government’s responsibility arises from the facts that there are people who are willing to exploit those loopholes.

How are we going to fix this problem? Is blaming the government the only solution?