Most private and corporate sectors are feeling the economic pinch and many companies are reducing their workforce in order to stay competitive. Part of this process means that companies will and are scaling back recruiting, and more people are now vying for a lesser amount of available jobs. Unemployment rate is high and more and more people are looking for jobs that are scarce in this economy. At this point when it comes to being a job applicant, it’s survival of the fittest.

For some it may seem daunting, however with a positive attitude and a few useful tools finding a decent job in these hard times can be achieved. Here are 5 quite basic but important tips from that might help you score the next big job during the down economy.

1. Be Aggressive

Job searching requires hard work and you must be willing to go the extra mile. Finding ways to get your resume seen by recruiters won’t happen flipping channels or simply browsing the web all day. Always remember that even when you have put out those applications and resumes all over town and on the internet there still are more out there that have not seen it. Many employers hire from the internet so signing up for career sites or being active on social networking sites can leverage your chances of finding a job.

2. Stay Positive

Those that have lost their employment sometimes panic and try for jobs far beneath their skill sets and accept anything that pops up. This is not a good approach as it can lead to complacency and can lead you into a rut. Apply for those jobs that you feel the most qualified for and that you will be satisfied with down the road. Take some time and build a resume and be sure that you are qualified for the position that you are applying for. Don’t get the idea that if you fill out 100 applications you will get the job you want. Fewer quality applications in your expertise will be more productive in finding the job you will want to stay with.

3. Compromise If Necessary

In a poor economy you may not get the same pay rate you had before and you may have to lower your pay expectations and possibly commute farther. Some jobs may be more abundant in other parts of the city or state, and you will enhance your employment chances if you are prepared to travel, possibly even to another city or state. People may not be willing to do this and you may find that the field is smaller giving you the leg up that you need during these tough economic times.

4. Don’t Give Up

Don’t let the evening news and its doomsayers discourage you. This will just end up making you feel beaten, and disillusioned. Don’t allow the job chase completely take you over. Try devoting part of the day looking for a job, and spend the remainder of your day doing something positive. You will be less stressed out and you can think about other things you need to get done as well.

5. Train For A New Field

If you have finally exhausted all efforts and possibly your field is being outsourced beyond hope, training for another field may be a good option. Areas that you have experience would be a start but perhaps you may have heard of a new field that is booming. Keeping your options open is the key.

Finding work during a bad economy is not always easy. If you are willing to make a job out of finding a job you will eventually succeed and maybe find a better position than you had before.

Good luck!