MyThes knows that no two interviews are the same. However, we have identified 5 tricky interview questions that come up again and again. Knowing the best way to answer these questions can be incredibly helpful.

You can never predict which questions you might be asked during the interview process. It is always a good idea to research some standard interview questions, so that when faced with an inquiry, you won’t be fumbling for an answer. We’ve selected five of the less obvious questions you might be asked. Read the questions, and practice your responses.

Question 1 – How do you define success?

Success is measured in more than just dollars and cents, and the interviewer may be trying to determine where your values lie. Try to answer along the lines of: “… defining objectives, setting clear goals, and attaining them”.

Question 2 – How did you deal with making a difficult job-related decision?

Interviewers often try to determine a candidate’s future performance based upon past performance. Identify a particularly difficult decision you’ve made, identify what caused the decision to be a difficult task, the steps you took to make the decision, and the outcome (both personally and professionally).

Question 3 – How do you establish a working relationship with your peers?

Here the interviewer is trying to determine if you will mesh well with the company microcosm. This question is really about how you will interact with theoretical personalities. You want to project an open, friendly approach, with an emphasis on identifying each peer’s personality type, and how you will approach and interact with each peer.

Question 4 – Are you a ‘generalist’ or ‘specialist’?

This is almost a loaded question. The interviewer may be trying to determine if you will be applying a specific skill set or if you are well-rounded in your field. Try to emphasize that you specialize in a specific field, as opposed to a particular job duty/task.

Question 5 – Are you applying for other jobs?

Be careful on this one. You don’t want to give the interviewer the impression that you will take the first job that presents itself casino88. Explain that you have (if this is the case) applied at other companies that would be well served by your experience, knowledge and skill sets. Just as the interviewer is interviewing many candidates, you are looking at other employers.