We all know that more people are joining the make money online bandwagon. Some have been making money online as bloggers by becoming a niche authority and others have been developing software, diving into e-commerce, etc. However, is making money online really a long term solution? Something that can put food on the table each day, help pay the mortgage each month and get by comfortably through day to day life and expenses? The answer to this is a tricky one. Of course there are people making thousands and some millions by simply owning and managing blogs. But those people are authority in their niches.

For a newbie to start out and build that kind of authority will certainly take time, in most cases years. Personally, if you are out of job and are thinking of pursuing an online career such as blogging, social media, designing, etc. careful consideration should be given to long term impact, rather than short term relief. May be you lost your job a month ago and after failing to find a job within a month you started a blog.

Things are going well and you made $5,000 the very next month. Let’s say $5,000 is more than what you were making at your last job. But will you see this $5,000 next month again? The main thing about online career and becoming your own boss is the fact that usually there is no guaranteed income. You can make $5,000 today and end up making only $1,000 the next.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t pursue or stomp on your dreams to work online and make a living. What I am saying is if you have been jobless for a while and think working online is the best route, the thinking may have been influenced by others who make a good living working online. Besides, working online requires passion and a great deal of self discipline.

My point is, if you are pursuing an online career because you have been laid off or are thinking about it, make sure to weigh your options. Jumping on the bandwagon doesn’t mean you will reach the end safely. Do your due research and make sure the income is stable before you quit your day job or plan on quitting your job search.