Job search isn’t easy. There is searching for jobs, narrowing the jobs that you want to apply for and then desperately waiting for a interview call. However, once you get to the interview point, you know that you are a step closer to landing a job. The thing with job interviews is that many people make it too complicated. Of course, it’s not easy to appear at an interview and be as calm as one could be, but it is something we all need to master. There are many job interview tips floating around on the web and some of them are way too complex to even understand. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Sometimes the solution to the toughest things come in simplest ways. Here are six interview tips that are simple but key to making sure the interview goes the way it should.

1. Who Is The Interviewer

Surprises are nice but not when it comes down to a job interview. If you are called for an interview, don’t hesitate to ask who the interviewer will be. Most companies will give you this information. This will help you learn a little more about the individual by researching on the internet or through your network. Even if you can’t find out who the interviewer will be, a good research should give you possible answers on what to expect and who to expect. This will give you some idea on what kind of person you will be dealing with during the interview, and will also give you a sense of what kind questions you will be facing.

2. Contact Your References

You may already have permission to use someone as references, but make sure to connect with them one more time before the interview date. It’s always a good strategy to make sure things are still the same. Once you have finalized your references make sure to put them all down on a piece of paper. A neatly compiled list of references with their name, address, phone number and the company they work for would be an added bonus when you are at the interview. If the interviewer asks for references, just get the paper with all the information out and hand it to them so they have a copy and can do the necessary digging.

3. Don’t Rely So Much on The Web

This tip is in regards to finding address. I personally use many different web tools to find addresses and more often than not the results are wrong. Although this might not be the case for many, it still is a good thing to ask for direction when you are called for an interview. Sure, you can use the web to verify the address, but make sure to ask location and direction to the place when you are called for an interview. no one else but your potential employer can give you the best direction towards finding the interview location.

4. Research, Research and Research

Many of us know that this is critical to ace an interview but still most fail to realize it. Make sure you research on the company that you are going to a job interview for. Finding more about the company will not only help you answer questions easily during interview, it will also give you a sense of confidence. And confidence is key when it comes down to an interview. Make sure to use different platforms on the web and print media to do the digging on your potential employer. The more information you have, the better.

5. The Mirror Approach

I know many people may find this silly but it can work wonders. The mirror approach is where you stand infront of the mirror and answer questions that you have prepared (based on your research of the company and interviewer). Although the questions may not be exact, it’s always better to have some kind of idea casino88. Simply grab the questions, prepare your answers and get in front of a mirror and start answering them. Looking at yourself while answering questions gives you an idea of how well your answers sound (not that you can hear), your body language and other things you see in the mirror can help you hone your answers and body posture, etc.

6. Take Your Resume With

It’s essential to grab a few copies of your resume just in case the interviewer doesn’t have one on hand. A lot of time interviewers will do this on purpose to see if the job applicant has brought copies of resume along. Make sure to grab a few copies of your resume, not just for the interviewer but just in case there are others who would like to see your resume as well. It’s always better to be well stocked than not to have any.

Do you have any other simple yet “must do” tips as far as preparing for a job interview goes? If you do, please feel free to share.