Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Commodity Code: What You Need to Know about the Standardized Code

The information about the commodity code of coconut shell charcoal briquette can be important, especially for suppliers. Such a code is used by exporters as well as importers within the scope of international trade.

When you know the code, it would be easier for you to identify various types of goods, putting them into different categories and sections. The commodity code can be highly useful if you know how to use them in the most accurate manner.

The Importance of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette Commodity Code

Also known as the HS (or Harmonized System), this code is used to make the transportation process easier. Basically, the code is used by merchants as well as custom officials to communicate.

Commodity code consists of a series of numbers that provide the details of the product. The first 6 digits would be the worldwide (HS) code, providing certain info about product categorization. The function of the code is to help the trade date collection as well as custom clearance. Within these codes, you can find information about the particular customs charges, rules, and also levies.

As it was stated before, such a code is crucial for exporters and importers. They can understand better about the trade restrictions, while providing trusted (trading) data and allowing the right customs assessments at the same time.

Why Having the Code?

Commodity codes shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you want to succeed in international trade, you need to comply to the standard regulations. And the code would be included in them.

  • To make product description simpler. The code basically categorizes and identifies the traded items. With millions of them being traded out there, it’s so easy to get lose in the ocean of numbers and figures. The codes help with the general standardization of paperwork, custom process, and global trading data.
  • To define tax amounts accurately. The custom code would determine the fees, taxes, and duties. Based on the code, the (custom) officials can evaluate duties and taxes. This will lead to government and commerce income as both exporters and importers will have to pay the appropriate taxes and tariffs.
  • To analyze the trade data. Not many people realize that the code can help in data analysis because the numbers can provide thorough and complete information about the trading flows (within the international cope) for organizations and governments. The data will eventually help with strategic planning, policy making, and also identification for trading opportunity.
  • To improve risk management. With the codes, risk management can be well managed while improving trade compliance at the same time. Remember, categorization is crucial because custom officials would be able to detect, manage, handle, and identify products properly, and it includes dealing with product risks and hazards.
  • To promote transparency. The code is able to harmonize commerce as well as improving discussions. Through organization and classification, handling transparency can be supported and improved, and it helps with trading agreements and discussions, especially among nations.
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Commodity Code for Coconut Briquette

If you want to know the commodity code for coconut shell briquette, then the general data would be 4402. In some records, the code would be 44029090 or 44029010. Besides the code, you can also learn about the products’ description, destination country, quantity, unit, loading port, charging port, exporters’ names, and other details (if any).

Not everyone is familiar with commodity code, especially if the products would be marketed in other markets or areas than the original manufacturer. It will help to ask for help or guidance from those who are familiar with the topic, especially related to international trade.


Commodity code is a crucial topic, so it’s best handled by the professional. If you aren’t really familiar with coconut shell charcoal briquette commodity code, be sure to go to the professional expert who can lend you a hand.

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